3rd May 2018

What should you do with your settlement payment?

If you have received a settlement agreement or redundancy payment but have been fortunate enough to secure new employment immediately, you may be wondering how best to invest your money. Before you rush out to buy a new car and […]
21st March 2018

Charitable legacies: the benefits of philanthropic giving in your will

Although most of us don’t want to think about our death, it is inevitable. When our time does end, something must happen to our financial assets; property, savings, pensions, investments and valuable possessions. Rather than simply leaving this to someone […]
7th February 2018

GDPR: Why the Rockwood team isn’t panicking

As the go-live date for the new general data protection regulations gets nearer, many businesses are suddenly realising that they may be in trouble. At Rockwood, we’re not panicking. In fact, we think that stricter data protection is a good […]
16th November 2017
Inheritance Tax

Can you protect your family from inheritence tax?

Inheritance tax can be a complex subject. There are ways to reduce the amount of inheritance tax due on an estate, but these could incur their own set of taxes. When it comes to inheritance tax it is highly recommended that […]