16th November 2017
Inheritance Tax

Can you protect your family from inheritence tax?

Inheritance tax can be a complex subject. There are ways to reduce the amount of inheritance tax due on an estate, but these could incur their own set of taxes. When it comes to inheritance tax it is highly recommended that […]
16th October 2017
Auto Enrolment Staging Date

What does auto-enrolment mean for employers?

The idea of auto-enrolment seems pretty simple; you pick a pension scheme, enrol your employees and make sure you pay into it each month. Although that may cover the basics, in reality there is much more to it than that. […]
15th September 2017
Auto Enrolment

What does auto-enrolment mean for employees?

In October 2012 the government introduced an initiative which makes it compulsory for employers to auto-enrol their eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme. The date by which employers have to start doing this depends on how many employees they […]
18th August 2017
Owner Managed Business

Financial planning for owner managed businesses

Do you run your own business? Are you a sole trader? Have you got a financial plan in place?  Many owner managed businesses don’t have sound financial planning and could be losing money or missing out on potential benefits. There […]