7th October 2018

Turning 50: time to step up your retirement planning

If you’re celebrating your 50th birthday this year, then congratulations. Turning 50 is a big milestone and you’re one step closer to retirement. Perhaps you’re starting to put together a ‘bucket’ list and thinking about all the things you’d like […]
7th September 2018

What should you do with your inheritance money?

If you’ve been left a lump sum of money or inherited an estate, there are a range of things you can do with the money. Deciding which options are right for you can be tough; do you invest in your […]
3rd August 2018

Why stay-at-home parents need life insurance cover

Nobody wants to think about what would happen if their partner or spouse died. Unfortunately, it is a possibility and the financial implications can be huge. Without proper insurance, the surviving spouse can struggle to meet mortgage repayments or pay […]
6th July 2018

Don’t get caught out by the annual allowance

When pension contributions are made automatically by employers, not everybody keeps track of what they are contributing. However, if you go over your annual allowance, you will be liable for tax on the additional pension contributions. If you’re a high […]