5th December 2018
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Care home fees: the battle between parents and their children

Long-term care isn’t something many people want to think about or plan for. Unfortunately, if you avoid thinking about it and then you need long-term care, it can put a strain on your finances. Quite often at Rockwood, we work […]
19th November 2018
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Can I cash in my pension before 50?

Can I cash in my pension before 50? We all want financial security in our retirement but there are times when cashing in a pension, or part of a pension, early would make sense. But can you cash in a […]
3rd November 2018
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Work until you drop: get the most from your pension even if you don’t retire

The UK workforce is getting older and it’s predicted that by 2020, one-third of the workforce will be over 50. Many private pensions can be accessed at 55, yet more and more people are working way beyond this age. In […]
7th October 2018
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Turning 50: time to step up your retirement planning

If you’re celebrating your 50th birthday this year, then congratulations. Turning 50 is a big milestone and you’re one step closer to retirement. Perhaps you’re starting to put together a ‘bucket’ list and thinking about all the things you’d like […]