Mr & Mrs Young Family

Mr & Mrs Young Family

Have you recently got married, bought your first home or started a family? Do you rely on a sole income and want to put insurance in place to protect your family financially should the worst happen? Do you want to start saving for your children’s future? Do you want to make sure that you have enough set aside for your own future once your children have grown up and left home? Rockwood can offer independent advice on protecting your home and your family and setting up savings, trust funds and investments for your future. If you are Mr & Mrs Young Family then we’d love to hear from you.


Is This You?

You are heavily dependent on a single income
You have young children; possibly more on the way
You want to plan for your children’s future
You want to look at the best pension options
You want to make sure your family is protected should the worst happen

Rockwood Case Study
Mr & Mrs Young Family, 38 and 35

The Scenario

My husband and I were buying a new home and we needed to make sure that we protected each other should one of us be unable to work. We also wanted to make sure we had enough cover and security for our future plans. The financial world felt like a bit of a minefield and the jargon was very confusing. We needed help ensuring we got insurance that matched our needs and offered the security we wanted.

The Solution

We went to Rockwood and explained what we needed. Our adviser was very accommodating and took the time to understand our situation completely. The various options were explained to us so we could understand exactly what was what. We decided on two policies. One was with my husband and is linked to the terms of our mortgage and includes critical health insurance. The second protects me if I lose my job and ensures I have an income should the worst happen.

The Result

We were really pleased with the service we received. Rockwood explain things properly so you don’t feel like you are going in blind. I feel completely reassured and all of our concerns have been dealt with. Since taking out the policies I haven’t given it a second thought as I feel confident we have the right protection for us.

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