Mr & Mrs Estate Planning

Mr & Mrs Estate Planning

Have you decided it’s time to organise your financial assets and plan for the future? Perhaps you own a few properties or have several good pensions you’ve worked hard for? Maybe you’d like to assist your children or grandchildren financially whilst still maintaining the lifestyle you want? Do you want to put provisions in place to reduce or cover the inheritance tax on your estate? At Rockwood we can help you put a strong plan in place so you can enjoy retirement and look after your loved ones financially. If you are Mr & Mrs Estate Planning then we’d love to hear from you.

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Is This You?

You are a homeowner or own several properties
You have a good pension or pensions but aren’t sure on the best way to utilise them
You want to make sure your children and grandchildren are financially secure
You want to make provisions for inheritance tax on your estate
You want to gain better control over your financial assets
You are thinking of consolidating some of your investments, pensions or savings
You need to know how to make your assets work for you in retirement

Rockwood Case Study
Mr & Mrs Estate Planning, 65 and 63

The Scenario

Our two children had grown up, our business had taken off and we’d built up some good pensions between us. We wanted to make the most of the wealth we’d built up but we didn’t know where to start. We were concerned about the best way to use our pensions in retirement and worried about the inheritance tax implications on our estate. We just didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge on what to do with our various financial assets so we decided to consult an expert.

The Solution

After a lengthy discussion about our current circumstances and our plans for the future we were presented with a combination of different routes we could take. Our options included consolidating our pensions and taking a drawdown rather than an annuity. We also looked at investments for our children as gifts. These investments could be used when they were ready to buy a property themselves. We then worked on separating our business income and personal income using dividends to pay ourselves. This allowed us to keep track of our finances better.

The Result

We loved the way our Rockwood adviser took the time to understand us and our situation rather than just trying to sell us a solution. Together with our adviser we were able to develop a really strong financial plan that covered exactly what we needed and alleviated our concerns. We now feel completely reassured and trust our own decisions more. The experience with Rockwood was excellent. It definitely helped us to understand our options and gain more confidence in planning for the future. Rockwood have helped us to avoid costly mistakes by giving us the information we need.

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