Mrs Long Term Care

Mrs Long Term Care

Do you, your parents or a loved one need long term care but aren’t sure if you are eligible for local authority funding? Have you already been advised that you will have to fund some or all of the care costs? Do you need to identify how you can utilise income from pensions, savings and investments and protect the family home? Do you want help planning inheritance tax? Rockwood can help. We work with the loved ones of those who need long term care funding to help them protect assets and cover care costs. If Mrs Long Term Care sounds familiar then we’d love to hear from you.

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Is This You?

You aren’t sure what funding is available for your own care or care for a loved one
You need help with long term care funding for yourself or a loved one
You need to plan for long term care for yourself or a loved one
You need help planning a will or inheritance for yourself or a loved one
You are helping a loved one sell their property and organise their investments

Rockwood Case Study
Mrs Long Term Care, 82

The Scenario

My mother was getting older and was struggling to keep track of her various finances. I needed help making sure that there were provisions in place should she need to go into a nursing home and income to cover her current care needs. I just wanted peace of mind that there was sufficient resources in place to cover her needs both now and in the future as well as making plans for inheritance tax. I was finding it difficult to find the right balance and make decisions on the different investment options.

The Solution

Catherine was our adviser at Rockwood and she was extremely approachable and easy to work with. Most importantly I trust her implicitly and know she will act with our best interests at heart.

Catherine was able to streamline my mother’s finances, which makes managing everything much easier. Catherine’s service is ongoing and she is looking after my mother’s money and investments for us. I don’t have to worry about where the money is invested or whether it is in the right place as we now have someone keeping an eye on everything.

The Result

I feel much more confident that everything is under control and there are provisions in place for my mother’s care needs. The advisers at Rockwood do a fantastic job of providing a service that you can trust. Using Rockwood to look after my mother’s money has freed up more time for me as I no longer have the headache of trying to manage it all. I am extremely happy with the sound advice and excellent service we have received at Rockwood.

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