21st April 2017

Should you consolidate your pensions?

If you’ve collected various pensions from different employers over the years, then you may be finding it hard to keep track of what’s what.  Consolidating your pensions may seem like a good idea so you can get everything in one […]
21st March 2017

Do you need a plan for self-funding long term care?

Long term care can be costly.  Not everyone is eligible for local authority funding and many people have to pay towards the cost of their care in part or in full.  Covering the cost can be difficult and often eats […]
16th February 2017

Could you be doing more now to protect your family?

When we are young we often neglect financial planning. Pensions and investment, life insurance, funeral plans; that’s something that older people do right? It’s just not a concern when you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties. Unfortunately tragedy can hit at […]
19th January 2017

Is your expenditure now affecting your future lifestyle?

Isn’t it funny how the more we earn, the more things we view as being “essential”? When we start our working life we happily live within what we earn. Often we are content with the basics; we don’t need to […]