28th November 2016

Does the lifetime allowance affect you?

In 2006 the lifetime allowance was introduced. The lifetime allowance limits the amount of pension benefits you can draw from your pension schemes before triggering an extra tax charge. It started at £1.5million, increased gradually to £1.8million and then reduced […]
28th November 2016

Should you cash in your whole pension pot?

Cashing in your entire pension pot in one go is not usually recommended. The first problem is that if you cash it in and spend it you’ll have no income from it further down the line. It can very quickly […]
12th October 2016

Drawdown pensions: are they right for you?

April 2015 saw some of the most radical changes to pensions come into effect giving us more freedom and flexibility than ever before. We can now choose exactly how we use our pension once we retire; great news all round. […]