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4th July 2018
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6th July 2018
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Cash in pension

Should you cash in pension pots early and take a lump sum or reinvest for retirement?

When it comes to pensions, there are so many considerations and every financial situation is unique. You will have different priorities, different responsibilities and different circumstances to anyone else. What works for one person is not necessarily the right solution for you.

The decision to cash in pension pots will depend on the value of your pension, your debts, your income and your plans for retirement. You may have several different pensions to think about or you may only have one.

Whatever your individual circumstances, you should seek independent professional advice before you make any decisions surrounding your pension.

At Rockwood Financial Solutions, we are experts in retirement planning and understanding pensions. We can help you make informed decisions by talking you through all your viable options.

If your pension is not high in value then investment opportunities may be limited so we can explain other solutions that can help protect you financially.

If you have high-value pension pots, then we can help you protect yourself from high taxation by showing you how to invest and when to draw.

We are completely independent so we base our recommendations on the information you give us. What is your income? What is your expenditure? How much do you need to afford the lifestyle you want in retirement?

You can’t predict how long your retirement will last or what unexpected twists and turns life will bring. Effective financial planning can protect you and provide more financial security for your family.

If you need any advice on pensions and planning for retirement then we would love to hear from you. Whatever your circumstances, we will help you build an effective financial plan. Contact us for more advice on whether to cash in pension pots.