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5th June 2018
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4th July 2018
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Pension drawdown company

Need advice on choosing a pension drawdown company? Rockwood can help.

Investing your pension pot in the right place will depend on your individual circumstances, the value of your pot and your attitude to risk. Flexi access drawdown pensions could be the right solution for you but you still need to decide whether to take a cash lump sum and how much to draw as an income. If you have several pension pots then you need to make decisions about each one and check whether you will be affected by the lifetime allowance.

Pension drawdown schemes can be very beneficial. They allow you to draw an income from your pension to meet your financial needs. However, there are also risks. You may draw too much out early in retirement, leaving yourself short in later life. Many plans are linked to stocks and shares so the value of your pension could rise or fall.

Seeking professional advice will ensure that you make informed decisions about the pension schemes you choose.

Rockwood Financial Solutions is made up of independent financial advisers who put your needs first. We take the time to understand your unique financial situation and recommend the most appropriate solutions for you.

All our advice is completely impartial and based on the information you give us. We look at your expenditure, your income, your pensions and your plans for retirement to help you put together an effective financial plan.

Choosing the right pension drawdown company will depend on the amount you have in your pension fund, the type of pension you have and how often you want to take payments. We ensure that we always keep up to date with the latest changes to the industry and the different schemes available, so we can give you accurate advice.

If you need help planning for retirement then contact Rockwood Financial Solutions today. We provide expert advice on choosing the most suitable financial solutions for you and, if flexi access is the best option, then we will help you choose the right pension drawdown company