4th July 2018

Cash in pension

Should you cash in pension pots early and take a lump sum or reinvest for retirement? When it comes to pensions, there are so many considerations and every financial situation is unique. You will have different priorities, different responsibilities and […]
4th July 2018

Pension drawdown providers

Pension drawdown providers allow you to turn your pension fund into an income when you reach the age of 55 and Rockwood can help you choose the right one. Pension drawdown is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits it […]
4th July 2018

Pension drawdown company

Need advice on choosing a pension drawdown company? Rockwood can help. Investing your pension pot in the right place will depend on your individual circumstances, the value of your pot and your attitude to risk. Flexi access drawdown pensions could […]
5th June 2018

Occupational Pension Transfer: Is it right for you?

Since new pension flexibility was introduced in 2014, many people have reaped the benefits. We now have more control over how we access our money when we reach retirement. However, the new flexibility brings with it some difficult decisions; choosing […]