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22nd December 2020
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25th May 2021
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Nicola’s Rockwood Story

Nicola IFA Leeds

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We are delighted that Nicola is celebrating her first year anniversary with us, already, it’s gone so quick! We like our clients to get to know our team and so we asked her to reflect on the last 12 months and the challenges COVID has bought to her role.

“Well that certainly wasn’t the year I had expected!

When I started at Rockwood on 6th January 2020, not only had I never worked in finance before, I’d also never worked as many hours since having my children (now 6 & 8), but at my interview Catherine and Linda won me over with their passion for Rockwood, great teamwork ethos and brilliant minds and so I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone. After all, what could possibly go wrong…..

Starting work at Rockwood, then COVID and lockdown 2 months after my start date was most certainly a challenge! As much as I worried I wasn’t learning my new role as quickly as I should or could have been, I slowly realised the whole of the UK and in fact, the world, was in the same horrible COVID bubble!

A large majority of my job is collecting and processing data from providers to furnish Catherine with all the information she needs to help our clients. In this period just actually getting through to speak to providers proved (and still proves) a massive hurdle. Working from home, with a large majority also home schooling their children (me included), meant we were / are all in this totally unique brand new environment and learning to adapt to it as we go along.

I feel really lucky our clients are so lovely, without exception. Calling them has become like calling friends for a chat. Again this ‘new normal’ world we are living in at the moment is also affecting them, so even when I call with an update to say I’m still chasing / waiting for information everyone is completely understanding and just grateful we keep in touch and haven’t lost our consistency in the face of such an adverse situation.

Although I’ve only been part of the Rockwood team for a year and I am still learning daily, although the vast majority of that year has been spent working from home without the physical support of a ‘team’, I’ve always felt fully supported by the Rockwood Family.

Whether it’s our weekly zoom meetings or just a quick email to check we are all doing okay, not only with work issues, but also mentally as it’s been such a tough year for everyone. That’s the main thing that has made Rockwood feel like not just a team but a family and I’m excited for the future of Rockwood. That family feel is something I’ve certainly felt and I hope our clients feel part of it too.”

If you would like to speak with Nicola or any of our team, call us on 0330 332 2679 or complete the form here.