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Nicola’s Rockwood Story
10th January 2021
Talk Money Week – How you as an employer can help staff with financial wellbeing
11th November 2021
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Geoff’s Rockwood Story

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I suppose you could say that I accidently came to the world of financial planning. Having spent the last ten years as a stay-at-home Dad and with the kids getting older, it was at the primary school our children attend, that I met Catherine.

I had always had a few preconceptions about this sort of work. I used to teach ethics and philosophy of religion and that had left me with the view that however compliant and upstanding a business was, it would ultimately be driven by profit and so in a sense selfish by nature, because all businesses need to make a profit, right? Long story short, I applied for a job when Catherine advertised, got the job, and by the end of my first morning, I had realised my presumptions were quite wrong!

Here, I found a company with the first aim of providing people with a plan for their future, in which all their lifegoals and personal aspirations are included. The total wellbeing of the client is the only goal and everything flows from making a success of this.

Catherine’s support for her team is second to none and her aim to work towards an employee owned business is an aspiration you can only admire. When Catherine talks about the Rockwood Family, she means it and I feel very lucky to be part of that.

Now, as I celebrate my first year with Rockwood I look forward to liaising with clients, arranging meetings and helping them to track down previous pensions and plans so they can work with Catherine to understand exactly what their options are.

If you would like to know more about Rockwood, why not book in a free no obligation chat with one of the team, click here to contact us or you can also call us on 0330 332 2679.